Who do You need to become to Reach your Goals? 

Stay true to yourself

What is your values? Don’t forget who you are. Stay true to yourself. This is famous and useful words. You need to decide who you are and who you are not, what is non negotiable. You don’t want to reach your end goal betraying yourself because it won’t be worth it. Staying true to yourself and your values is very important. This goes hand in hand with self esteem. You need to treat yourself kindly and understand that you need You to take you where you want to go. 

“I cannot fool myself, I will know deep down if I don’t put in the work or if I am no true to myself. I will beat myself up and condemn myself not worthy. I need to be true to myself and stick to my values.”

Private You

Some don’t understand what this means. You don’t bring your worst mood poisoning every social setting with you attitude and destructive demonstrative behavior. Even without saying a word you can sabotage a social setting with your body language since body language is about 70% of your communication. At home in private with yourself you sit down and journal what you are upset about, angry about or what it is that is bothering you. Are you eating healthy food, sleep well and exercise enough, getting fresh air, meeting friends and socializing with close ones? It’s on you how you manage your feelings, that is the starting point. 

What is your part in a disagreement? What can you learn from it? How can you become better to communicate when you disagree? Do you always have to have an opinion on every topic? Can you chose topics of your expertise and have a constructive and intelligent opinion saying things in a calm manner? Everyone else is not your psychologist, therapist or close friend and companion. If you take care of yourself first you will manage disagreements and other people more successfully. Socializing is interacting with other people using people skills that you need to reach your goals in life.  

Pic a character who you need to be for the social arena you interact on

You can pick character traits from different role models to customize what you need to reach your goals and become the person you need to become. 

Like an artist when they enter the stage like flick of a switch becomes the person in the role they need to be on stage. It’s like stepping into the shoes of who I need to be and become to get where I want to go. Pic a character who you need to be for this particular assignment.

This will help you when you have a bad day since you know who you need to step into to deliver what you need to do. And you will not be so driven by your feelings since you know who you need to be to deliver. You need to have a professional You on the social arenas you interact on. 

This is a strategy of Motivation that will help you in the social settings you are interacting in navigating to reach your goals in life. You are not alone, you interact with others who also is on their journey. People skills will help you to enjoy the journey and not being miserable along the way to your goals.

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Bring Back The Lost Years 

Bring Back The Lost Years 

It is actually possible to bring back Time by simply managing time Smarter Now.

Do you know that if you take 2 hours a day and put it into what you want to achieve, you will get more done than most people who passively scroll through social media or constantly watch series.

Maybe it wasn’t lost years because you gained important insights and you still have the chance to turn the page and start over more determined and motivated. We think you deserve it.

Let us guide you towards your life goals.

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How to stop Being Disappointed

It is time to stop being disappointed in yourself. 
The imposter syndrome is what we need to kick out. 
I’m here to help you to embark your journey in life with confidence
And knowing what you want to get out of your every day life. 
You need you and need to step into the person you need to become to get there.
It might sound too much but with a plan and the Motivation for it is yours to get.
Hit me up and stop wasting time, enough is enough. 
It is time for You now. 

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Your Transformation Journey

Many knows how to do it.
Many knows what to do.
But common knowledge is not always common practice as the saying goes.

Knowing what to do and doing nothing will not change anything. 
Asking your close ones will also change nothing, thats a fact.
Getting the Motivation to act upon ones knowledge is key.

Making an investment into yourself is the best investment you can make. 
What will it cost you not to?
To Resonate with your Coach is the one you will choose to help you. 
Experience of the journey of transformation you will embark upon is one criteria.

If you want someone who has wrestled with challenges, I’m your Coach. 
Experience of Challenges. Persistence. Confidence with a twist of stubbornness is what you get to fuel your determination to Reach your Life Goals. 
Make the commitment towards Yourself and Transform into The Best Version of Yourself in early 2024.

Let’s start the most exciting journey you will ever make – The Journey of Personal Development & Growth Ready for any Adventure.

Sign up for a discovery call and you will get your first assignment right away. 
Welcome to a stronger version of you. 
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The Myths of Self Confidence

What does the term Self confidence really mean? We have noticed that there are many misconceptions. A self confidence is not a scarcity meaning that if you have a solid self confidence it robs others from having it. I doesn’t mean either that you take someone else’s self confidence, everyone needs to develop it by themselves. We claim that it is better for you the more people you know that have a solid self confidence than the opposite. 

Even in disagreements it is definitely self confidence to say what you need to say and listen with respect to what the other person has to say. This way you both show respect to the other person and you show self confidence that you can handle what the other person is saying to you. You can handle it in a calm manner without freaking out. 

You can rush into a wall with your head and believing that you will make it but that is not a rational thing to do. So is that what we are talking about here, no. No foolish or dangerously crazy thing at all. Self confidence is a mature, solid and acquired trait, like a skillset that is acquired thorough in depth study and practice. 

Self confidence is the belief that you will figure things out along the way. You know that you will find solutions along the way. You don’t need everything figured out since things can change along the way. You know that there is no guarantees but that doesn’t freak you out. You know that you have faced uncertainty before so you kind of count on that pieces will fall into its places as you go. You also know that you can ask for help and that a smart team is a good idea to team up with in details that is too time consuming for you to know by heart.  

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We Contribute with Knowledge

We contribute with knowledge. We have 20 years experience within Business, included 15 years as a Business Executive both as entrepreneur and as consultant. With this experience we have put the nuggets of it into pre-recorded Business Educations and into our Mentorship Program. We also have coaching options, both pre-recorded for the basics and customised 1:1 IRL Online options to your Success. We all ought to know the importance of a coach. 

If you’re into Sports or Music

If you’re into sports you know the importance of a Coach. The same if you’re into the Music Industry you know the importance of a Manager (the actual Business is included there)

It’s about team efforts and the skill of Leadership. It’s not a one man or woman show, never, A-players know they need other A-players. Period.

To our opinion someone who is an A-player has A-players highly involved into the core business of everything. We encourage anyone with a gift or a wish to get an expert into your specific area of expertise and don’t take it for granted. Practice and really become that expert that you want to be, you can do it with the help of self confidence. We help you get that and to map out your plan to get it within your reach in whatever field you’re into if you put your mind to it. We have done much ourselves so we know what we are talking about. This is what we contribute with to help you to step up and step into your best version of yourself since you will need it to reach your goals. 

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Attention Magnet – a cost and a privilege

Watch out, here is someone who is seeking validation. Really? it’s not the 90’s anymore. 

Today in the digital area due to a lot of distractions it’s not that easy to reach out on the market and navigate to find your segment of customers. It’s a tough challenge and the market is international. Keeping up with the latest hashtags and dos and don’ts is also quite time consuming for digital creators. 

It is nothing to be jealous about since it is far from only praise that content creators receive as reactions. The consequences of getting themselves out in the spot light online can be a struggle to manage. And it is not your closest friends and family that supports you either. It is more often completely strangers that resonate to your content and appreciate what you are sharing and contributing with online. 

What do you want to accomplish with putting yourself out online is an important question to manage before you start with your online business. Who am I is always an important question? What do I not want to be associated with or what values is another important question. Marketing managers often talks about a Social Media Strategy and that is a really good idea to really plan out what you want to communicate on the market. 

If you make it, whatever it is for your online business it is a good idea again to plan for what you expect and what you want from it. It is also important to have a perspective that you really contribute with something. You are adding value of some sort. Then you know who you are and what you stand for, you have a clear vision and Brand identity as a solid foundation. This will help you when storms arise in the horizon of some kind. You are prepared. You have done your research and know how to deal with it and will not panic. 

Attention can give cause to jealousy and even hatred and feels unfair. Remember to focus on those who appreciate what you contribute with and talk to someone who can help you how to deal with the negative aspect of this so you don’t take on too much on yourself and lose energy from it. 

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Celebrate your Small Wins as a Money Strategy

A Cappuccino on the go is on the list of choices that you may exclude from your shopping behavior in times of uncertainty. 

I don’t buy coffee on the go, it’s for free where I work. 

Great, but do you beat yourself up for having to choose the for free option discussing with yourself that you need to raise your income to not have to bother about a cup of coffee and other things? 

What else can you stop buying to decrease your spendings in tough times?

Do you need alcohol to manage your stress to be able to calm down? This is a dangerous path and you know it. Do you really stay calm because of alcohol? 

The choices is endless and the point is that in times of financial difficulties you want to buy things that means more to you than lots of cups of cappuccino. 

If it will get more difficult financial times you will not have to regret why you bought so much rubbish whatever rubbish is to you. 

Instead of a view of lack of resources there is another way 

Reward yourself with a Cappuccino or what else you enjoy that will make your work week feeling better. Make a Financial Crisis plan for how much you will spend and how much money that will save you. If you buy one Cappuccino each week, celebrating your work week on Friday instead of five-ten cups a week you will save a lot of money in one year right?

Make a plan for goals along the way that you want to achieve, even what you consider to be small wins each day and each week and keep it on your mobile phone and remind yourself daily of your assignment. 

Add more long term goals what you will celebrate with when you have succeeded with this method for a month. Decide in advance of what reward you will give yourself and celebrate with your close ones. There is room for generosity even in tough financial times. It will mean a lot to both you and the one who receives the generosity. It can be in terms of time as well, having a cup of coffee at home talking about shared plans and how to reach them together is generosity in terms of time.  

To use a spread sheet on an app on your mobile phone is a good idea. You will remind yourself of your plan and will see your progress. Review each week what you have accomplished and pep talk yourself to stay on this plan you have decided upon. Also view other areas in your life how you can decrease spendings especially on impuls and don’t beat up yourself just because you don’t have unlimited funds to meet your impulses. 

A smart person take precautions and seeks advise how to manage a tough financial situation since it is easy to feel blind folded even if you don’t want to admit it. It is easy to get frustrated that you haven’t come up with a solution for it yet. 

Don’t buy out of feeling sorry for yourself

To decrease ones shopping budget in tough times it is important not to buy things or experiences out of comfort, feeling sorry for yourself or justifying that you are worth it. 

It is better to buy things to celebrate even your small wins as a Money Strategy to save money at the same time. This will work as a reward system instead of punishing yourself with negative thoughts draining you of energy and adding feelings of failure. 

Doing things at home instead of buying from companies is also a way to save money and you can easily motivate yourself the way just mentioned. Choose to support local businesses instead of international giants is another way to do good and be generous to others if your finances allow it. 

We are highly into the thinking to Reward Yourself as a strategy to Reach Life Goals and we have teamed up with some interesting brands. For instance have your own home spa instead of expensive clinic visits or combine it making fewer visits and still support the local businesses. Also taking care of yourself with minerals is also one way to boost yourself to stay strong. Check out our page to Reward Yourself. Link in the menu.

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How to scale up and when to scale down

1. First you have to see in what state of mind and physics are you?

Do you have the strength, energy and resources to scale up your business or projects now?

Is it better to wait? If a crisis happen, a loved one dies or get sick so you get a lot of pressure upon you. Or you are in the middle of having small children, what can you do? What brakes can you hit?

2. Make an action plan to really brain storm what you are waiting for and what you already have. Prioritize what is crucial and important. What is impossible to postpone or wait with? What is urgent? Write down everything that comes to you mind and then sort it into different categories of importance. The most obvious is also important to write down so you don’t forget anything. Don’t get paralyzed. The whole idea to write things down is that you will not get stuck in a dead end loop starting all over again with your thoughts. You empty yourself of heavy emotions as well during this exercise of journaling. 

3. What resources do you have now to manage this crisis? If you are running your business alone, who is your trusted advisor? Have a network of experienced and likeminded people in your network. Many may be in the same situation or have been. Business isn’t easy and much can happen in life that can turn things upside down. Within your business it is a good idea to listen to those with experience but also to the new ones that may have a lot of new insights that is not formed by your company yet. Write down what you can do by yourself and what you can ask others to help you with. You feel more confident since you have a plan, are taking important steps, taking responsibility and you are not alone. 

A second opinion from a trusted friend is so important since stress can really cloud your judgement. Make sure that this friend has the experience and knowledge to give you the advise in this matter. There is no room for personal opinions in matters that is totally unknown to the one that is giving the advise. Many times you know what others you know well would say even without asking them so they will guide you anyway. And how do your previous experience fit in in this situation? To ask for an opinion in a matter is not the same as following that advise. Don’t promise or decide anything only based on an instant feeling, think it through. We have another blog post about Decision making, check that out and also our first published book, link in the menu.  

4. Identify what impact different decisions of yours will have in both the short and the long run. Have you missed anything important? Start with the basics with the business and it is important that you as the captain of the ship stay strong and can see things strait. Remember not to panic, you need you to survive tough times in private life and within business since others are depending on you, and you need you. We can help you to fuel yourself with motivation to keep going with our coaching options, link in menu.

5. If you don’t give up things can quite quickly and unexpected turn out really well. Exhausting though. So you need to keep your senses and focus on what is important. Decide upon what you will focus on and act upon that plan as your crisis agenda. It is on your shoulders and you can manage high pressure. We have 1:1 customized IRL coaching to help you to cope with really tough challenges and how to manage it without getting totally drained by it. Links in the menu and contact us for more information.

6. First is of course to make sure that you or your company are floating. You can swim without a life west in the water for a short while figuratively speaking. To realize that it is tough times business wise will help you to make better decisions and make more rational decisions than decisions based on feelings. If you cut the unnecessary costs you can put your focus on what would really help your business to be stronger and also to flourish despite tough times. Sort the costs you have in different categories and determine what is important and less important. Also discuss this with your trusted advisors. Some costs will help you to get more revenues so you need to investigate and analyze what you need. The priority is of course so put down efforts on Revenue Generating Activities, to as a first step survive and then scale up from there balancing your costs with your revenues.  

7. What else can you do? Is there something that you have thought about before but not tried, something that might give you revenues that you need? Can you cooperate with others, since if the crisis is a market condition then others are suffering or facing the same or similar problems that you do. Can you collaborate in a joint venture project together to be stronger during this challenge and be stronger together? Joint ventures is a good idea for short term collaborations since you keep your own company and work together in projects. Write agreements what to do and not to, contact us for advise on Joint ventures. Think of every possible different scenario to really empty your mind of your wildest thoughts. This will help you and you will see that you will come up with some really great ideas. Journal and journal and you will see that you will get fantastic ideas. Sort this ideas into a plan and see how they can come together and turn out to be your rescue plan for both you and your business. 

Find out more inspiration in our other blog posts and contact us for more, also check out the links in the menu to see what we can help you with our solid experience.  

Imagined Safe Zones are stopping you

Safe zones – we cling on to them when it gets turbulent round us. But is it really a safe zone? It is about my behavior that I need to really analyze how I react and what I do. Sometimes you surprise yourself about your reactions and wonder, where did that come from? If you feel threatened or attacked what is your instant respons? I like the saying that you cannot change other people. In other words you cannot change other peoples reactions but you are responsible to manage your own. Very useful when you manage a disagreement to handle your feelings and your attitude the way you want it to be. Also a good idea is to set up boundaries for yourself how to react in different situations. 

Without thinking it through it is quite common to confuse a safe zone with a sort of safe haven, a place of refuge or security. Not everywhere is safe to be especially nowadays. So this is about taking needed precautions in your life to stay safe what reasonable measures we can make. 

A safe zone can also change and you can develop safe zones automatically when you feel threatened or get afraid, this happens kind of on autopilot within us. Like for a child they feel safe everywhere and their parents need to safe guard their child. Later the child will realize that there is danger to get yourself out of, to run away from to be able to escape danger. If you stay there and don’t realize that it is not a safe space any longer you might get hurt really badly. And when things happen round you it is often a good idea to create or put yourself in a safe zone to feel safe again. After a crisis has happened you need to negotiate with yourself to dare to get out of that safe zone again and so to speak meet the world again.

Try to identify what your safe zones are in your everyday life. Also recall what safe zones you have had during your childhood and also if there had been different safe zones during your life as a grown up. A safe zone has conditions tied to it, trust is there, peace its there and it is a place or condition where you feel that you can be relaxed and be yourself and no harm will happen there. It is in some ways tied to our self confidence. After a while you feel confident to leave the created safe zone and explore the world again. You grow out of your previous safe zone and don’t need it anymore or you go there literally speaking less often than before. 

If we stay in a safe zone too long it will limit us quite much. Years can pass and you kind of don’t get yourself out of that spot whatever it can be. So a safe zone can limit you and your life if it is an imagined safe zone that your are stuck in. The danger is gone, your safe zone has served its purpose long time ago. You are safe and need to outgrow this safe zone since reality is something different now. Not everything is bad just because everything is not the way it used to be. The past few years have really changed much and we need to make an honest analysis to see what we need to change. We can adapt but it is important to feel that some things you chose to adapt to and others not. You need to feel that you have some sense of control in your life, this is very important. People change and so can you. Choose what to change is our message. 

We know that we have so much within us if we start to build ourselves up with good habits, choose them wisely. We create new habits by repeating them over and over again and by kicking out the bad habits. First you of course need to make an honest analysis of yourself and identify what is a bad habit that is blocking you from progress and blocking you from reaching your goals in life. 

We have both pre-recorded coaching options for the basics and also 1:1 IRL customized more in-depth coaching options for you to your success in whatever field you are in. 

Comfort zone have never gotten anyone anywhere. 
A comfort zone is often an imagined comfort zone.
We will guide you out of it. 

Customize Good habits and Identify Bad habits in our pre-recorded coaching – How to Keep a winner’s Mindset – and contact us for more suggestions and information – links in menu.