Our Story

Our Story part #1

I suddenly got stage freight despite being quite used to public speaking. I took some coaching sessions and learned to use a mantra that really has worked for me – this was back in 2008. I was very stressed out by too much responsibility I put on myself with our family business and me working within audit full time. Balance is a craft to master itself. We worked really hard with our family business, merged it and it grew to 30 employees and I started working there full time. A lot of pressure and tough decision making and conflicts due to one old culture and one modern culture being merged together. This gave me a lot of experience to learn and grow through. 

After my divorce much alone at home just moved to Stockholm in 2016 I started to search for personal development and found Brendon Burchard on YouTube – WOW – he is my #1 Hero and I have studied everything he has online. 

To me I kind of went through my whole life on replay and Brendon’s talks really helped me a lot to sort my thoughts out – so brilliant. My mom got dementia and a few years with this was tough, becoming a mom to your mom. She died two years ago now and I still get very sad about it at times. 

I wanted to get stronger so I both did much spiritual work from 2017 with myself and applying Brendon Burchard advise into my life. I also went through Brendon Burchards growth.com 12 weeks coaching summer 2020. To work personally with a coach taught up by Brendon Burchard himself was amazing! 

I also did my certification as CFO in 2020 with much about soft skills handling tough situations with employees and leadership. 

With my projects within the Music Industry I soon celebrate 8 years in 2021 being in charge of exciting projects, some even internationally. 

With this and more I have created my Facebook Groups & 1:1 coaching sessions IRL online Link in menu – Let’s make some History together  / Regina

Our Story part #2

The joy of being part of someone else’s dreams is fantastic – to my opinion. 

The second tour to China, I didn’t come along myself, I just made it possible. Getting a text from Greybeards with a photo of the happiest guys saying: ”Thank you for making this come true for us” – is priceless. The fans where absolutely crazy about Greybeards, and they deserve it, Greybeards is Great. 

Another time I made it possible for Greybeards to play at the Metal Days Festival in Tolmin, Slovenia, a very beautiful summer festival. Going on stage, the drummer wrote to me on Messenger, ”they say I need to have my own snare drum with me, but you said it was arranged for, I can’t take all things on the flight” – I instantly replied, say that ”it is arranged with XX (the festival boss) that we where to borrow one here on set” – everything went on smoothly and the show was much appreciated. 

You need to be there, ready to show up is the lesson here to be a key figure into others and your own dreams in life / Regina – more on our website: https://attitudepromotion.com

Our Story part #3

The third tour to China I took three of our signed artists along. Talk about taking on challenges right. The VISA application procedure, OMG, for 13 people, I almost had nightmares with that. Went four times to the application center in Stockholm, and they even called me from there having tons of questions and when all was finally done and I got back the passports in my hand, one was missing, mine. Always double check, a really important advise. Luckily I doubled checked still infront of the cashier lady, and she said ”oh no, there where only 12” – no my patience was kind of gone but always calm so I replied – ”no, there where 13 passports and I need all of them”. She went away and after a while she came back saying: ”Oh I found another one for you, this is also yours”. Exactly. ”Thank you” I said and left quickly out of there with a pulse of I don’t know. 

Booking 9 tickets on an airplane is also stressful, doing it from two different computers at the same time because it was not possible to book 9 tickets in one booking. OMG again, the pulse here, would we really get on the same plane and the next plane as well? We flew to Beijing and changed flight there to Chengdu. One of the artists booked there own tickets so at least I didn’t have to book 13 tickets. In Beijing the guitars was stuck in custom so I had to rent guitars in Chengdu for the first shows to play.

Luckily the guitars came to our hotel the next day for the rest of the shows. We had absolutely an amazing time in Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangan and Dujiangyan – check out the video on our page Attitude Production. Off course we will never forget the bus trip to Chongqing that was supposed to take 4 – 5 hours but took 9 hours with a few short stops along the way. What an adventure this was and we kind of fell in love with China. And the festival in Chengdu, a stage that we’ve never seen before – check that out as well! To be continued / Regina – more on our website: https://attitudepromotion.com