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How to Run Business through Change – is a pre-recorded MD/CEO Education that will
– make you more confident as a Business Leader with sufficient information about Finance & the Market
– help you how to build a strong team
– sharpen your strategic skills
– navigate so you can run your business through change on an uncertain market
– upgrade your Leadership style to the 2020-decade 

More about our competence to run these educations on the pre-recorded product tab in the menu. We build much of our education and analysis based on the American psychologist Abraham H. Maslow’s article ”A Theory of Human Motivation” from 1943. This article has the famous model about Basic needs and explains how people prioritize their needs in life. 

We also talk much about self confidence since we have found a strong connection between self confidence and reaching goals in life. And something else that has a huge impact in our lives is the decisions we make everyday, big and small, because those decisions will have a huge impact on where we will end up in life. These topics is much about Self Leadership but since your leadership style is so connected to your personality these soft skills will have a huge impact on what type of leader you are, what kind of leader you will become and what culture you will create within your company. 

Self confidence is something you really need, because it is you as a Business Leader who is the Captain of the ship and the challenges are many, especially on an uncertain market. You will get tools right here how to navigate and feel more secure as a Business Leader – Welcome!

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