Attention Magnet – a cost and a privilege

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Watch out, here is someone who is seeking validation. Really? it’s not the 90’s anymore. 

Today in the digital area due to a lot of distractions it’s not that easy to reach out on the market and navigate to find your segment of customers. It’s a tough challenge and the market is international. Keeping up with the latest hashtags and dos and don’ts is also quite time consuming for digital creators. 

It is nothing to be jealous about since it is far from only praise that content creators receive as reactions. The consequences of getting themselves out in the spot light online can be a struggle to manage. And it is not your closest friends and family that supports you either. It is more often completely strangers that resonate to your content and appreciate what you are sharing and contributing with online. 

What do you want to accomplish with putting yourself out online is an important question to manage before you start with your online business. Who am I is always an important question? What do I not want to be associated with or what values is another important question. Marketing managers often talks about a Social Media Strategy and that is a really good idea to really plan out what you want to communicate on the market. 

If you make it, whatever it is for your online business it is a good idea again to plan for what you expect and what you want from it. It is also important to have a perspective that you really contribute with something. You are adding value of some sort. Then you know who you are and what you stand for, you have a clear vision and Brand identity as a solid foundation. This will help you when storms arise in the horizon of some kind. You are prepared. You have done your research and know how to deal with it and will not panic. 

Attention can give cause to jealousy and even hatred and feels unfair. Remember to focus on those who appreciate what you contribute with and talk to someone who can help you how to deal with the negative aspect of this so you don’t take on too much on yourself and lose energy from it. 

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