Who do You need to become to Reach your Goals? 

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Stay true to yourself

What is your values? Don’t forget who you are. Stay true to yourself. This is famous and useful words. You need to decide who you are and who you are not, what is non negotiable. You don’t want to reach your end goal betraying yourself because it won’t be worth it. Staying true to yourself and your values is very important. This goes hand in hand with self esteem. You need to treat yourself kindly and understand that you need You to take you where you want to go. 

“I cannot fool myself, I will know deep down if I don’t put in the work or if I am no true to myself. I will beat myself up and condemn myself not worthy. I need to be true to myself and stick to my values.”

Private You

Some don’t understand what this means. You don’t bring your worst mood poisoning every social setting with you attitude and destructive demonstrative behavior. Even without saying a word you can sabotage a social setting with your body language since body language is about 70% of your communication. At home in private with yourself you sit down and journal what you are upset about, angry about or what it is that is bothering you. Are you eating healthy food, sleep well and exercise enough, getting fresh air, meeting friends and socializing with close ones? It’s on you how you manage your feelings, that is the starting point. 

What is your part in a disagreement? What can you learn from it? How can you become better to communicate when you disagree? Do you always have to have an opinion on every topic? Can you chose topics of your expertise and have a constructive and intelligent opinion saying things in a calm manner? Everyone else is not your psychologist, therapist or close friend and companion. If you take care of yourself first you will manage disagreements and other people more successfully. Socializing is interacting with other people using people skills that you need to reach your goals in life.  

Pic a character who you need to be for the social arena you interact on

You can pick character traits from different role models to customize what you need to reach your goals and become the person you need to become. 

Like an artist when they enter the stage like flick of a switch becomes the person in the role they need to be on stage. It’s like stepping into the shoes of who I need to be and become to get where I want to go. Pic a character who you need to be for this particular assignment.

This will help you when you have a bad day since you know who you need to step into to deliver what you need to do. And you will not be so driven by your feelings since you know who you need to be to deliver. You need to have a professional You on the social arenas you interact on. 

This is a strategy of Motivation that will help you in the social settings you are interacting in navigating to reach your goals in life. You are not alone, you interact with others who also is on their journey. People skills will help you to enjoy the journey and not being miserable along the way to your goals.

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