Celebrate your Small Wins as a Money Strategy

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A Cappuccino on the go is on the list of choices that you may exclude from your shopping behavior in times of uncertainty. 

I don’t buy coffee on the go, it’s for free where I work. 

Great, but do you beat yourself up for having to choose the for free option discussing with yourself that you need to raise your income to not have to bother about a cup of coffee and other things? 

What else can you stop buying to decrease your spendings in tough times?

Do you need alcohol to manage your stress to be able to calm down? This is a dangerous path and you know it. Do you really stay calm because of alcohol? 

The choices is endless and the point is that in times of financial difficulties you want to buy things that means more to you than lots of cups of cappuccino. 

If it will get more difficult financial times you will not have to regret why you bought so much rubbish whatever rubbish is to you. 

Instead of a view of lack of resources there is another way 

Reward yourself with a Cappuccino or what else you enjoy that will make your work week feeling better. Make a Financial Crisis plan for how much you will spend and how much money that will save you. If you buy one Cappuccino each week, celebrating your work week on Friday instead of five-ten cups a week you will save a lot of money in one year right?

Make a plan for goals along the way that you want to achieve, even what you consider to be small wins each day and each week and keep it on your mobile phone and remind yourself daily of your assignment. 

Add more long term goals what you will celebrate with when you have succeeded with this method for a month. Decide in advance of what reward you will give yourself and celebrate with your close ones. There is room for generosity even in tough financial times. It will mean a lot to both you and the one who receives the generosity. It can be in terms of time as well, having a cup of coffee at home talking about shared plans and how to reach them together is generosity in terms of time.  

To use a spread sheet on an app on your mobile phone is a good idea. You will remind yourself of your plan and will see your progress. Review each week what you have accomplished and pep talk yourself to stay on this plan you have decided upon. Also view other areas in your life how you can decrease spendings especially on impuls and don’t beat up yourself just because you don’t have unlimited funds to meet your impulses. 

A smart person take precautions and seeks advise how to manage a tough financial situation since it is easy to feel blind folded even if you don’t want to admit it. It is easy to get frustrated that you haven’t come up with a solution for it yet. 

Don’t buy out of feeling sorry for yourself

To decrease ones shopping budget in tough times it is important not to buy things or experiences out of comfort, feeling sorry for yourself or justifying that you are worth it. 

It is better to buy things to celebrate even your small wins as a Money Strategy to save money at the same time. This will work as a reward system instead of punishing yourself with negative thoughts draining you of energy and adding feelings of failure. 

Doing things at home instead of buying from companies is also a way to save money and you can easily motivate yourself the way just mentioned. Choose to support local businesses instead of international giants is another way to do good and be generous to others if your finances allow it. 

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