About us

We have a Master Degree within Business with a Major in Leadership & Finance from 2003 as our foundation to what we teach + experience to back it up with. We got a Diploma Degree in Marketing Management in 2014 and graduated as a Certified CFO in September 2020 – through the Swedish Association of Authorized Auditors – to brush up our entire field of science within Business. We also went through High Performance Coaching Summer 2020.  We have a solid experience within Business Development, Leadership & Branding.

Leadership is about group psychology and how to motivate to behavior to reach decided goals, and more. 

– Why get a long education when you can take a short one through us right here? Welcome to our in depth “crash courses” online on master degree level! We also strongly encourage others to get strengths from personal growth since we have so much within us.

Take advantage of our major field of study, Leadership at Master degree level, online when it suits you on repeat. Educations is about – giving you new perspectives and stimulate your creativity to get ahead. Leadership is discussed & questioned more than ever, customize & update your own Leadership style based on science & experience.

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