Problem Scanning

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In stressful times there is easy to get distracted by a lot of problems. The problems can seem to grow on you and you loose a lot of energy almost making you paralyzed. To ignore problems isn’t going to help you at all, since the reality will sneak up on you or at its worst overwhelm you with bad consequences. To think about consequences might scare you even more so you pretend that it is ok when all the warning signs is actually on red alert in front of you.  

You can become so distracted that you hesitate or stop making decisions. 

To make Problem Scanning into a good habit is a much better approach in your everyday life. 

Always a good thing to have a journal with you and write in your journal all kinds of problems or issues that crosses your mind during the day. Then after the days work you can sort the problems into categories and prioritizing them. You kind of cozy up with the problems, face your fears actually. You will see that some problems or issues is repeating themselves in your everyday thoughts. 

You will identify what you are actually spending time on thinking wise. These topics need a two pager of its own and a bit of investigation. Write down what you are afraid about when facing these issues. Write down worst case scenarios and try to see if it is reasonable or not to have these fears. 

On the other hand you might discover approaches and solutions to these problems that you have perhaps used on other problems before in you life. Or you realize that you can try that specific approach and see what happens. 

Problems seldom disappear by itself. It happens and then write down that milestone of yours. 

And when you see that you can handle or approach a problem and it helps you to reduce your stress, celebrate that feeling and also write that down as an accomplishment. 

It is important that you write down your journey with the problems so to speak since it will show you that you are managing and solving problems in you life. You are not just adding problem to your life. This is very important for your self esteem. To ignore warning signs caused by problems is not a wise thing to do. To practice up habits to act and solve things while they are still minor problems is a good idea instead of being blind folded and being stuck with a really huge problem that perhaps is causing more problems. 

If you have serious problems piling up in you life because you have ignored them or hoped that they will disappeared, and they haven’t – it is really time to use the Problem Scanning method to really see clear where to start and take action. Doing what can be done is a huge difference than giving up.

This approach is applicable to all areas in life, including your health, your finances, your relationships, your everyday life actually. We all have areas that we are more skilled at an other areas that we are not skilled at. Areas that is causing us literally head ache or serious stress reactions we really need to learn how to cope with in a more skilled way. 

Stop doing things the hard way draining you of energy and joy. Even minor changes in your diet, your sleeping habits, your attitude towards life and gratitude can make a huge difference and adding you the energy you need to solve your problems. Problems usually don’t go away by them selves. You need to solve them and you can become a really good problem solver instead of becoming a victim of problems. See them as challenges that you can overcome since they are in your path they are yours to challenge. Overcoming challenges will make you very strong and will prevent you from feeling victimized. 

What is worse, feeling strong because of challenges or being defeated not even trying to solve them? At least you have actually tried and you have the proof of it written down in your journal and that will give you a higher self esteem since you have faced your fears and fought your battles and for sure have solved a lot of problems in you life and found relief and a sense of victory. 

Problem Scanning is a great tool for your everyday life. 

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