Get out of Negativity & other Blocks

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We do things on Autopilot, habits we have created since childhood and later in life. To break bad habits is often viewed as difficult but we love the saying that it is more difficult being stuck.

Bad habits is habits that prevent you from living the life you want to live or is limiting you in any way, so called Blocks. 

Negativity is definitely something we recommend you to get out of and we have some advise how to do that. 

One thing is to write things off you mind so to speak, to Journal. Do that every day and you will notice a difference if you do the work with it. 

Take a new Journal and open it so you have two opposite pages to write on. 

  • Write on one page what you are grateful for, whatever comes to your mind. 
  • On the opposite page write what you are disappointed about, or sad about, mad about. 

Remember that you only have one page to write on! This way you will restrict yourself thinking too much negativity and you will practice self disciplin actually. 

You will also see how much negativity versus gratefulness your current state is. This can really be an eye opener. You can put circles in different colors round words that you see you can change here and now, and things that is more important than others. 

  • Read the grateful page before you go to bed and also when you wake up in the morning. 

Have this journal with you so you can see it through out the day. 

  • Repeat this every day with new pages each day. After a couple of days you will see that your words of gratitude have increased and the words of negativity is fewer words. 

Continue with this and you may identify areas in your life that you need to change to get rid of that state of mind. This will most certainly require that you create new good habits instead of bad habits that is causing this negative feelings or state of mind. Also move ahead and make a schedule on what you put down your time on – make a Time Management Budget!

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