Kick out Fear – Coaching Topic

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Seriously – many are driven by Fear so we will sort out different sorts of Fear that is commonly controlling peoples life’s – how about you! 

How can anyone be driven by fear? If you make decisions or avoid circumstances in your life based on fear for what might happen you are driven by fear. To take precautions to avoid danger is something else, we don’t put ourselves through what ever just to say we are not controlled by fear if it is obviously dangerous. We all take risks in our life and avoid things based upon a risk factor we value as too high. 

But sometimes we value the risk out of proportions. This can be a personally trait that differ from person to person, but also from time to time depending on how we feel at the moment. When fear limit us in our life or prevent us from reaching our goals and dreams in life then something is not right. It can be fear of what others may think of us, it can be fear that we may not succeed so it is no point trying anyway or fear that we will lose something or someone. We build up an imagined safe zone, we have talked about this topic in another blog post, about an imagined safe zone and it is very interesting. 

To believe that everything will stay exactly the same is an illusion. And just because things change it doesn’t mean that it is for something bad. People change, times change so we have to adapt and take control over how we change, how we choose to change. So why let fear control your everyday life and your decisions? Fear can hold us back and keep us in some kind of Never Land of uncertainty robbing us from joy and fulfillment & even give tunnel sight.

Uncertainty is a part of life and it doesn’t mean it is scary. The viewpoint of uncertainty is a key aspect here and it also has to do with having control. Sometimes we dictate too much how things has to turn out. Sometimes we get surprised how things even turned out better than we even planned for or hoped for. Expectations is included in fear of failure and also in other fears. We can go on and on about this topic and we kind of do into our different coaching options we have with different depth depending on which option you choose. The 1:1 is tailor made for you. So what do you fear in your life or career? And what fear do you want to overcome in your life? 

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