Imagined Safe Zones are stopping you

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Safe zones – we cling on to them when it gets turbulent round us. But is it really a safe zone? It is about my behavior that I need to really analyze how I react and what I do. Sometimes you surprise yourself about your reactions and wonder, where did that come from? If you feel threatened or attacked what is your instant respons? I like the saying that you cannot change other people. In other words you cannot change other peoples reactions but you are responsible to manage your own. Very useful when you manage a disagreement to handle your feelings and your attitude the way you want it to be. Also a good idea is to set up boundaries for yourself how to react in different situations. 

Without thinking it through it is quite common to confuse a safe zone with a sort of safe haven, a place of refuge or security. Not everywhere is safe to be especially nowadays. So this is about taking needed precautions in your life to stay safe what reasonable measures we can make. 

A safe zone can also change and you can develop safe zones automatically when you feel threatened or get afraid, this happens kind of on autopilot within us. Like for a child they feel safe everywhere and their parents need to safe guard their child. Later the child will realize that there is danger to get yourself out of, to run away from to be able to escape danger. If you stay there and don’t realize that it is not a safe space any longer you might get hurt really badly. And when things happen round you it is often a good idea to create or put yourself in a safe zone to feel safe again. After a crisis has happened you need to negotiate with yourself to dare to get out of that safe zone again and so to speak meet the world again.

Try to identify what your safe zones are in your everyday life. Also recall what safe zones you have had during your childhood and also if there had been different safe zones during your life as a grown up. A safe zone has conditions tied to it, trust is there, peace its there and it is a place or condition where you feel that you can be relaxed and be yourself and no harm will happen there. It is in some ways tied to our self confidence. After a while you feel confident to leave the created safe zone and explore the world again. You grow out of your previous safe zone and don’t need it anymore or you go there literally speaking less often than before. 

If we stay in a safe zone too long it will limit us quite much. Years can pass and you kind of don’t get yourself out of that spot whatever it can be. So a safe zone can limit you and your life if it is an imagined safe zone that your are stuck in. The danger is gone, your safe zone has served its purpose long time ago. You are safe and need to outgrow this safe zone since reality is something different now. Not everything is bad just because everything is not the way it used to be. The past few years have really changed much and we need to make an honest analysis to see what we need to change. We can adapt but it is important to feel that some things you chose to adapt to and others not. You need to feel that you have some sense of control in your life, this is very important. People change and so can you. Choose what to change is our message. 

We know that we have so much within us if we start to build ourselves up with good habits, choose them wisely. We create new habits by repeating them over and over again and by kicking out the bad habits. First you of course need to make an honest analysis of yourself and identify what is a bad habit that is blocking you from progress and blocking you from reaching your goals in life. 

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Comfort zone have never gotten anyone anywhere. 
A comfort zone is often an imagined comfort zone.
We will guide you out of it. 

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