Problem Solving Technique

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Problem solving technique – get some advise right here – We also have a more in depth strategy within our different both coaching & business education options. Check that out – links in menu or contact us for more information at 

How do you view or cope with problems? 

If you view problems as challenges it will be much easier.

If you feel it is a challenge you can turn it into a competition with yourself.

Write down problems you face and write down your worries, It is a difference, right

Sort out the clutter, write down problems on one page and worries on another page.

And you will get an overview that the problems & the worries is not the same thing

& How to view problems 

Problems is a part of life. 

To sort out the clutter is very important to see what problems can you solve now!
It’s really important. 

To prioritize your problems is not a bad idea. Because when you solve problems you will boost your self confidence enormously. It will build character and you will become stronger

Sort problems into categories, problems you can solve now or short term and problems that can be solved in the long run.

Divide the problems into what is possible and what is not possible. And what can you do to ease the pressure upon you that the problems cause. 

Problems cause stress but if we try to avoid problems is not always a solution. We all face problems because it’s a part of life. And when you deal with problems and solve them it will boost your self confidence, build character and it will make you stronger. 

Solve or handle problems, you can view problems from different perspectives. That is easier to do if you write them down and brain storm what you can do about them. 

To deal with problems is an expression. That means that you can solve problems and you can get really skilled at solving problems, you can.