Decision making

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There are many different leadership styles and the culture you come from, corporate culture or community culture influence your point of view on leadership. Many view a Leader as someone who have a decisive and tough approach. You look at a person and subjectively assess the person’s ability to make decisions. But having a tough approach is not a guarantee for being good at making decisions. 

Decision-making is about taking responsibility for the consequences of decisions and the consequences of not making decisions. Not making decisions is also a decision. Actually taking responsibility for other people in their decisions is important in one’s Leadership style. Company management is legally responsible for how people are taken care of at the workplace.

The company management is also responsible for the marketing to which the company exposes the market. We usually talk about producer responsibility in companies in terms of responsibility towards the market.

The consequences of the decisions are the company management’s responsibility. Even small decisions from everyone in the everyday life shape what your company looks like today and what it looks like tomorrow.

Creating a culture in the company with short decision paths and decisions carried out effectively is preferable since slow decision making is very expensive and ineffective. Decisions cost money, time and energy. It also costs money to involve too many people in the decisions, it is better to delegate and give responsibilities. Create a culture with effective decision making, be direct and to the point. 

Chosen decisions do naturally lead the direction of the company. And on an uncertain market there is a need for leaders being good at taking smart decisions quite quick. Leadership is very much about how we view other humans because others have to live with the consequences of your decisions. Being good at decision making is not about being stubborn, it is about taking responsibility for consequences.

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