ROI – Return on Investment

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Consumption vs investment mode into everything you do – is that realistic? Yes, that is exactly how you ought to view it. On what do you put down your time, effort, energy, money and other resources? And what is your benefit from that? Your time investments, your career investments, your family investments, your friendships investment, yes all your relationship investments. How does it make you feel? What’s in it for me and what’s in it for you – is what is into every equation actually.

Earlier generations talked about living their dream when they retire, quite crazy when you really think about it. We want to encourage you to make your dreams into business – at least some of them. Even if you have family obligations you can take at least some of your spare time to invest into your dreams so you get joy out of life. And if you have an everyday job that you don’t like, really try to change it, if that is a challenge, then really work towards acquiring new skills or more skills so you can change to another job. It is important how you spend your everyday life. We also know that it is important with whom we spend our life so we don’t end up getting really miserable.

Important topic to really think about how you spend your time. Check out our pre-recorded coaching option – How to get a Winner’s Mindset – so you don’t give up – if you need to boost your MINDSET and get energized ready for adventures – Welcome!