Self Confidence vs Humility

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Being humble is a personality trait and being Humble means to lower one self in comparison with others. What does this really mean? 

Humility is how we interact with others

Respect and consideration for other people is included in our behavior towards other people. To be considerate as a person is included in being a humble person. We take into consideration other peoples feelings when we make decisions. It does not mean that we ask other people for approval or have other people dictate to us what to do. It means that we cultivate values and take these values into consideration as a variable into our decision making process. We reflect upon how our decisions will affect other people. This is also why we don’t talk bad or gossip because we don’t want to harm another persons feelings or reputation. To show consideration for other peoples feelings is to show respect, and to show respect will give you respect. 

A humble person does not belittle other people as if they are unimportant. Attention is included in how we treat other people. Our body language is said to be about 85% of our communication and immediately exposes our values towards other people. The silent treatment is a sanction to undesired behavior from someone, you don’t say anything but the message usually goes through. Everyones behavior effect other people and when we realize this we can get better results in every area of our lives. 

Not to gossip is also a question of self preservation since it backfires the one who talk about other people as not trustworthy. This gets us into the other perspective, how a person view him or herself because this has a vital part of being a humble person

We know of the expression, that we have to love ourselves to be able to love someone else. Self love is to take care of one self, healthy habits in every aspect of our lives, science say that we become like the 5 closest people we associate with. We are influenced by what we put down our time on. This is pure logic. We also know that we get influenced by toxic relationships and have to get out of such relationships to stay healthy and to actually keep our self love in good shape. 

Self esteem is included in self love and is a subconscious feeling about ourselves. How we treat ourselves, what we say to ourselves and how we guard ourselves from outer danger. Self preservation is a foundation for our self esteem. It is also about setting boundaries what we accept as accepted behavior towards us. Unhealthy codependency is common within relationships with different addictions. We need to safe guard ourselves when we are taken advantage of or being ”belittled” .  

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Self Confidence means that we trust that we will figure things out a long the way, we don’t know everything but have the possibility to learn a long the way. It is also a kind of curiosity towards new insights. We trust the process of learning and have an open and learning mindset. 

Self confidence is how we view ourselves and not in comparison with others. Low self confidence can be that we don’t think we have what it takes but others may have it. This is not to be confused with being a humble person. A humble person knows that other people also have possibilities to learn and reach goals in life as he or she has and does not view it as a competition between other people. A humble person is happy for other peoples success and does not get envious or show hatred towards someone else because of their success. A humble person does not feel more important or proud of being better than other people. On the contrary a humble person teach or share insights with other people what they know and is not envious about knowledge or stingy about it. 

Self confidence is about believing in one selfs abilities to reach goals in life and that we have what it takes to get there so to speak. Of course we need support from others and we need to adapt to changed circumstances and we know we can figure things out along the way. 

Self confidence is an attitude towards ourselves and to express humility is an attitude of grace towards other people.