How & When do you Reward yourself?

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We love Chocolate and it actually makes us happy – both literally and emotionally. Chocolate contains Dopamine – our brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Press the link below and check out the amazing high quality chocolate we really recommend. 

It is an important question How & When you Reward yourself. It is crucial when it comes to reaching goals in life & is closely connected to Motivation. If you just give yourself rewards or use them as comfort you will lose the whole point of Motivation. You have to set boundaries with yourself to learn the power of Motivation. When you reach goals along the way, both short term and long term goals it is important to celebrate and reward yourself and anyone involved and your close ones too. It will give much joy and you will see that it was worth the struggle.

If you just get gifts now and then for no effort what so ever you will actually get really spoiled and not so grateful either. Set up reasonable rewards for reasonable input of effort and also make boundaries and rules round this and it will work really good as Motivation for you. Chocolate also contains Dopamine our brain’s reward and pleasure system. We are much about health and Chocolate is even included into our diet we have into our Health coaching options – link in menu.

Press the picture and reward yourself with some chocolate and set up some goals to go reach to get the chocolate!

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