7 things How to get in charge of your feelings

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⭐ snooze people for 30 days who contribute with stress & anxiety in your life

⭐ after the 30 days decide if they are worthy of another chance to be in your life – if not block them out of your life online & IRL – don’t tell why if it only will take more energy from you – if they ask why say you need a break and have other things to put down your energy on and walk away or log out and unfriend them IRL too – don’t take calls or DM’s either – don’t get into discussions

⭐ make sure to cultivate the habit of sleeping at least 7 hours each night, preferably 8

⭐ eat healthier food, more fruits and vegetables, less sugar and unhealthy fat, drink more water and herbal tea

⭐ journal your feelings if you feel the urge to act on affect – write off those feelings into your journal – cry if you need to cry it will help you

⭐ read your journaling in the evening and identify where there is repetition of thoughts or opinions and mark them as main topics – pick three of them as main topics to dig deeper into to get to the root of these topics that rule your world and solve it or manage it strategically

⭐ in the morning read something uplifting – and create words of affirmation to yourself – words you say to yourself that you appreciate about yourself – who you are and who you want to be & be that person from now on

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