Self Confidence

We have found a strong connection between reaching goals and self confidence. You need self confidence to start, continue and not give up and to really reach your goals. Self confidence will even help you to map out and to believe that it is possible to start with. Self confidence will take you where you want to go. Acquire, maintain and safe guard your self confidence right here.

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There is also a pre-recorded product – How to get a Winner’s Mindset – so you don’t give up – It’s about Self Esteem – about setting boundaries in life & how to love & respect yourself & also a deep dive about Self Confidence since YOU need YOU to get where you want to go in Life

– very interesting and important – We can help you to boost your self confidence to become who you need to BE for your goals you want to achieve – choose options through the menu.

Dream more!

Never stop dreaming – promise yourself that – dreams gives us comfort and joy. Curiosity and self confidence will get you there. You can turn many of your dreams into reality and even into Business. We can help you with both.

You know the importance of a coach within sports. It’s the same with your goals in life. You need a coach who will cheer you on when you struggle and start to question yourself. As a coach we will help you to take you places you can’t reach on your own. A coach brings out your strengths and help you to reach your goals. You have so much within you that with the right support will give you the motivation and joy to continue despite hard times. We know what we are talking about.

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Decision making

There are many different leadership styles and the culture you come from, corporate culture or community culture influence your point of view on leadership. Many view a Leader as someone who have a decisive and tough approach. You look at a person and subjectively assess the person’s ability to make decisions. But having a tough approach is not a guarantee for being good at making decisions. 

Decision-making is about taking responsibility for the consequences of decisions and the consequences of not making decisions. Not making decisions is also a decision. Actually taking responsibility for other people in their decisions is important in one’s Leadership style. Company management is legally responsible for how people are taken care of at the workplace.

The company management is also responsible for the marketing to which the company exposes the market. We usually talk about producer responsibility in companies in terms of responsibility towards the market.

The consequences of the decisions are the company management’s responsibility. Even small decisions from everyone in the everyday life shape what your company looks like today and what it looks like tomorrow.

Creating a culture in the company with short decision paths and decisions carried out effectively is preferable since slow decision making is very expensive and ineffective. Decisions cost money, time and energy. It also costs money to involve too many people in the decisions, it is better to delegate and give responsibilities. Create a culture with effective decision making, be direct and to the point. 

Chosen decisions do naturally lead the direction of the company. And on an uncertain market there is a need for leaders being good at taking smart decisions quite quick. Leadership is very much about how we view other humans because others have to live with the consequences of your decisions. Being good at decision making is not about being stubborn, it is about taking responsibility for consequences.

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ROI – Return on Investment

Consumption vs investment mode into everything you do – is that realistic? Yes, that is exactly how you ought to view it. On what do you put down your time, effort, energy, money and other resources? And what is your benefit from that? Your time investments, your career investments, your family investments, your friendships investment, yes all your relationship investments. How does it make you feel? What’s in it for me and what’s in it for you – is what is into every equation actually.

Earlier generations talked about living their dream when they retire, quite crazy when you really think about it. We want to encourage you to make your dreams into business – at least some of them. Even if you have family obligations you can take at least some of your spare time to invest into your dreams so you get joy out of life. And if you have an everyday job that you don’t like, really try to change it, if that is a challenge, then really work towards acquiring new skills or more skills so you can change to another job. It is important how you spend your everyday life. We also know that it is important with whom we spend our life so we don’t end up getting really miserable.

Important topic to really think about how you spend your time. Check out our pre-recorded coaching option – How to get a Winner’s Mindset – so you don’t give up – if you need to boost your MINDSET and get energized ready for adventures – Welcome! 

Make it or Break it – attitude

The new normal means really challenging times for companies. New conditions on the market means opportunities or threats that requires decision making. To be too slow in decision making can be hazardous for companies survival and employees doesn’t always cooperate with changes. 

We teach how to analyze effectively and communicate the importance of change.
We also help you to see options from different perspectives and boost you with the confidence to make the decisions. To run business through change is what we are specialized into. 

Administration can be done very cheap, and to digitize and prioritize in key. There is a lot  to gain from an effective administration and the company will focus on income generating activities instead of double or tripple work with wrong stuff only slowing things down. We have seen a lot during our over 20 years experience and we have been digitized businesses since year 2010.To have smart routines that everyone follows will save a lot of time and time is invested into what is important.

With our Managing Director/CEO Education you will create a thriving culture within your company and create an inspiring Brand from the outside perspective. It shows because it is all tied together and it starts with you as a Business Leader – Welcome to our crash course online on repeat when it suits you!

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Run Business through Change

You need updated business skills to navigate on a really uncertain and challenging market. Customize your business with our toolbox of Leadership in depth at Master Degree Level and some Finance & Marketing.

It is really strange that many forget education within leadership and take it for granted as if it comes naturally. You need to be in good shape, both mentally and physically to manage high pressure because today you will be questioned more than ever. We have found a strong connection between reaching goals and the business leaders self confidence. You need to safe guard your self confidence and we will even help you with that.

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Our Story

How to Run Business through Change – is a pre-recorded MD/CEO Education that will
– make you more confident as a Business Leader with sufficient information about Finance & the Market
– help you how to build a strong team
– sharpen your strategic skills
– navigate so you can run your business through change on an uncertain market
– upgrade your Leadership style to the 2020-decade 

More about our competence to run these educations on the pre-recorded product tab in the menu. We build much of our education and analysis based on the American psychologist Abraham H. Maslow’s article ”A Theory of Human Motivation” from 1943. This article has the famous model about Basic needs and explains how people prioritize their needs in life. 

We also talk much about self confidence since we have found a strong connection between self confidence and reaching goals in life. And something else that has a huge impact in our lives is the decisions we make everyday, big and small, because those decisions will have a huge impact on where we will end up in life. These topics is much about Self Leadership but since your leadership style is so connected to your personality these soft skills will have a huge impact on what type of leader you are, what kind of leader you will become and what culture you will create within your company. 

Self confidence is something you really need, because it is you as a Business Leader who is the Captain of the ship and the challenges are many, especially on an uncertain market. You will get tools right here how to navigate and feel more secure as a Business Leader – Welcome!

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A Challenging Market

It’s really an uncertain and challenging market. Navigate and Customize your business with our toolbox of Leadership in depth at Master Degree Level and some Finance & Marketing.

Choose from the Menu of pre-recorded educations or IRL Online Coaching Sessions. Our MD/CEO Education is pre-recorded – Welcome!

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Digitalize More

Do you want to simplify and thereby reduce costs from unnecessary administration within your company?
To digitalize your administration will save a lot of money and you and your employees will focus on revenue generating activities instead of unnecessary administration. 

Some direct positive aspects due to digitalization is that you will get more engaged employees and all of you will focus on important matters. Do you really know how much it costs your company stuff that you and employees do daily wasting time?

We already started to digitalize companies administration in 2010 and done a lot within different companies since then.  Resistance towards changes can be a question of generation but we will help you to get the motivation and tools to get this through smoothly within your company. 

Take advantage of our MD/CEO online education – Business Change Management and save a lot of money within your company through efficient administration. Take advantage of our experience and our master degree within Business – more information & sign up through the menu above! – Welcome!