Self Confidence vs Humility

Being humble is a personality trait and being Humble means to lower one self in comparison with others. What does this really mean? 

Humility is how we interact with others

Respect and consideration for other people is included in our behavior towards other people. To be considerate as a person is included in being a humble person. We take into consideration other peoples feelings when we make decisions. It does not mean that we ask other people for approval or have other people dictate to us what to do. It means that we cultivate values and take these values into consideration as a variable into our decision making process. We reflect upon how our decisions will affect other people. This is also why we don’t talk bad or gossip because we don’t want to harm another persons feelings or reputation. To show consideration for other peoples feelings is to show respect, and to show respect will give you respect. 

A humble person does not belittle other people as if they are unimportant. Attention is included in how we treat other people. Our body language is said to be about 85% of our communication and immediately exposes our values towards other people. The silent treatment is a sanction to undesired behavior from someone, you don’t say anything but the message usually goes through. Everyones behavior effect other people and when we realize this we can get better results in every area of our lives. 

Not to gossip is also a question of self preservation since it backfires the one who talk about other people as not trustworthy. This gets us into the other perspective, how a person view him or herself because this has a vital part of being a humble person

We know of the expression, that we have to love ourselves to be able to love someone else. Self love is to take care of one self, healthy habits in every aspect of our lives, science say that we become like the 5 closest people we associate with. We are influenced by what we put down our time on. This is pure logic. We also know that we get influenced by toxic relationships and have to get out of such relationships to stay healthy and to actually keep our self love in good shape. 

Self esteem is included in self love and is a subconscious feeling about ourselves. How we treat ourselves, what we say to ourselves and how we guard ourselves from outer danger. Self preservation is a foundation for our self esteem. It is also about setting boundaries what we accept as accepted behavior towards us. Unhealthy codependency is common within relationships with different addictions. We need to safe guard ourselves when we are taken advantage of or being ”belittled” .  

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Self Confidence means that we trust that we will figure things out a long the way, we don’t know everything but have the possibility to learn a long the way. It is also a kind of curiosity towards new insights. We trust the process of learning and have an open and learning mindset. 

Self confidence is how we view ourselves and not in comparison with others. Low self confidence can be that we don’t think we have what it takes but others may have it. This is not to be confused with being a humble person. A humble person knows that other people also have possibilities to learn and reach goals in life as he or she has and does not view it as a competition between other people. A humble person is happy for other peoples success and does not get envious or show hatred towards someone else because of their success. A humble person does not feel more important or proud of being better than other people. On the contrary a humble person teach or share insights with other people what they know and is not envious about knowledge or stingy about it. 

Self confidence is about believing in one selfs abilities to reach goals in life and that we have what it takes to get there so to speak. Of course we need support from others and we need to adapt to changed circumstances and we know we can figure things out along the way. 

Self confidence is an attitude towards ourselves and to express humility is an attitude of grace towards other people.

Comfort zone have never gotten anyone anywhere

Habits will impact your Mindset – so choose them wisely 
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Comfort zone have never gotten anyone anywhere. 
A comfort zone is often an imagined comfort zone.
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My Story part #17 – My Hero

Having a heart attack is like playing Russian Roulette over and over again, perhaps this is the time for you to die? 💥 Heart attacks comes back in smaller attacks that you can rest to get back from and other more severe heart attacks that you can die from. You can learn how to manage your anxiety round this and calm yourself before & during the smaller attacks💥 This says a lot 💥 How do I know?

My dad had his first heart attack when he was 45 years old, I was 12, and he fell right in front of me at the dinner table down on the floor and kept lying there. This kept going on for 17 years until he died at age 62. The smaller attacks he just wanted to sleep on the floor for a few hours and then taking things really slow. The doctor said his dog saved his life with the friendship, comfort like dogs give, they relief stress and anxiety, and the walks he took several times a day much thanks to the dog since he had to go out 🐕

After a heart attack it could be a few steps outside the porch but he made the walks longer, inch by inch, day by day and it was actually thanks to this that he survived even serious heart attacks for 17 years. The last one we knew he was going to die, he had three days to live and the machines kept him alive and the morphine kept him from feeling pain and talking about strange things when he was awake.

He was a fighter and had goals in life that kept him optimistic. My role model in life, My hero. He was my home dad when I came home from school, and we made hot chocolate and ate sandwiches and he told me much that still helps me in life today and for ever.Who is your role model & hero in your life? How do they inspire you to keep going despite struggle and ups & downs that is included in life? 🔑Check out links in menu how Regina can help you to never give up & gain energy 💥 Welcome!

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Courageous Leadership

You need to be in good shape, both mentally and physically to manage high pressure because today you will be questioned more than ever. It starts with Self Leadership to cultivate a modern Leadership style because your personality is so closely tide to your Leadership style. The topic of Self Leadership will help you in your personal life and also as a Leader within Projects or Business.

It’s really an uncertain and challenging market and that will require courageous Leadership. Who’s shoes do you need to step into when it gets tough? As a Leader you have to step into your own shoes and deliver solutions or reliefs. We believe that it will be courageous to show compassion and not only see to numbers and profit as if humans is not into the equation. Ethics is important. You also need some knowledge about Leadership history so you don’t repeat mistakes that we’ve ought to have learn from history. We believe that you need to always develop your Leadership style and be updated and well informed. To be continued.

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Ambition vs Ambitious

To have Ambition is to work towards your dreams and goals in life. To be Ambitious is more for show.

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The Mourning Process

Traumas, crises in life and disappointments all have its mourning process. A process has a beginning, a middle and an end. What we have experienced is who we are today and we will never be the same. Everyone has feelings from their experiences and no-one will or can take away those feeling from you. 

The mourning process will help you to come out at the other end more than fine. We have an enormous power within us to do that, come out at the other end and being surprised how did I manage to do this?

Crying is good because it eases tension and you feel better afterwards, it is ok to cry. Everyone has the right to cry, men and women, grown ups, teens and children and it helps. Anxiety is a way for the body to say that you have to take things slow now. 

Often there also is a lot of anger and frustration, and we understand that this is very important to control so we don’t beat up or kill other people. Here we understand that we are responsible for our feelings. 

Our feelings is a way into the process and we can deal with it, you may need professional help from a psychiatrist or a therapist if you feel that you can’t deal with this anymore. There is a process and a possibility to see the light in the tunnel so to speak. If you fall to the ground, even though you are badly wounded, you eventually need to get up on your own two feet and you can! 

We believe in you that you have what it takes. We will cheer you on. And you are very warmly welcome to my Facebook groups. If you can’t afford it we will let you in for free there. If you can afford it you can pay and support the groups. Out of respect for others feelings you will keep a good tone in there.

Self Confidence will help you to believe it is possible because you have figured things out before. 

Self esteem with tell you that you are worthy of this. 

Self love will help you to acknowledge that you are someone who is worthy of love and compassion. 

And compassion will make you see that others are too. 

Good habits will make you strong. 

Bad habits will ruin your life. 

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Self Leadership

If you run a marathon you focus on the race if you want to reach a top position. Even if you run it for fun or as your own challenge you still need to adapt to certain rules within the game and be well prepared.

You have what it takes to achieve your goals! Daily steps will help you to find the strength you need to run your choice of marathon in life and to kick out the bad habits in your life with tools of Self Leadership.

It’s your habits that make your day, make your life and your future. You already make loads of choices each day, here you will get aware of the impact of good habits and blocking bad habits from taking over your life!

We do much on autopilot both good and bad habits but we can change to good habits that we need to reach our goals in life and in business. If you hesitate to change your habits it can be because you feel like you want to stay in your comfort zone. But if your comfort zone includes bad habits then it is an imagined comfort zone.

Really analyze for yourself for lets say a week and write down what you do and identify your good versus bad habits. Ask yourself if your habits will help you to reach your goals in life or the opposite. Is these habits just sabotaging it all. We all have bad habits and especially during a pandemic there can be a challenge to maintain good habits and kick out bad habits. Check out our TedX talk about that in a previous blog post.
You have what it takes to achieve your short term and long term goals, you just have to get the motivation for it. We have different products within this area, both pre-recorded products and online coaching products – find them through the menu.