The Mourning Process

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Traumas, crises in life and disappointments all have its mourning process. A process has a beginning, a middle and an end. What we have experienced is who we are today and we will never be the same. Everyone has feelings from their experiences and no-one will or can take away those feeling from you. 

The mourning process will help you to come out at the other end more than fine. We have an enormous power within us to do that, come out at the other end and being surprised how did I manage to do this?

Crying is good because it eases tension and you feel better afterwards, it is ok to cry. Everyone has the right to cry, men and women, grown ups, teens and children and it helps. Anxiety is a way for the body to say that you have to take things slow now. 

Often there also is a lot of anger and frustration, and we understand that this is very important to control so we don’t beat up or kill other people. Here we understand that we are responsible for our feelings. 

Our feelings is a way into the process and we can deal with it, you may need professional help from a psychiatrist or a therapist if you feel that you can’t deal with this anymore. There is a process and a possibility to see the light in the tunnel so to speak. If you fall to the ground, even though you are badly wounded, you eventually need to get up on your own two feet and you can! 

We believe in you that you have what it takes. We will cheer you on. And you are very warmly welcome to my Facebook groups. If you can’t afford it we will let you in for free there. If you can afford it you can pay and support the groups. Out of respect for others feelings you will keep a good tone in there.

Self Confidence will help you to believe it is possible because you have figured things out before. 

Self esteem with tell you that you are worthy of this. 

Self love will help you to acknowledge that you are someone who is worthy of love and compassion. 

And compassion will make you see that others are too. 

Good habits will make you strong. 

Bad habits will ruin your life. 

With our experience with this we have made these different Facebook Groups and also one-on-one coaching products – links on our website & the Swedish versions at