Self Leadership

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If you run a marathon you focus on the race if you want to reach a top position. Even if you run it for fun or as your own challenge you still need to adapt to certain rules within the game and be well prepared.

You have what it takes to achieve your goals! Daily steps will help you to find the strength you need to run your choice of marathon in life and to kick out the bad habits in your life with tools of Self Leadership.

It’s your habits that make your day, make your life and your future. You already make loads of choices each day, here you will get aware of the impact of good habits and blocking bad habits from taking over your life!

We do much on autopilot both good and bad habits but we can change to good habits that we need to reach our goals in life and in business. If you hesitate to change your habits it can be because you feel like you want to stay in your comfort zone. But if your comfort zone includes bad habits then it is an imagined comfort zone.

Really analyze for yourself for lets say a week and write down what you do and identify your good versus bad habits. Ask yourself if your habits will help you to reach your goals in life or the opposite. Is these habits just sabotaging it all. We all have bad habits and especially during a pandemic there can be a challenge to maintain good habits and kick out bad habits. Check out our TedX talk about that in a previous blog post.
You have what it takes to achieve your short term and long term goals, you just have to get the motivation for it. We have different products within this area, both pre-recorded products and online coaching products – find them through the menu.