Problem Scanning

In stressful times there is easy to get distracted by a lot of problems. The problems can seem to grow on you and you loose a lot of energy almost making you paralyzed. To ignore problems isn’t going to help you at all, since the reality will sneak up on you or at its worst overwhelm you with bad consequences. To think about consequences might scare you even more so you pretend that it is ok when all the warning signs is actually on red alert in front of you.  

You can become so distracted that you hesitate or stop making decisions. 

To make Problem Scanning into a good habit is a much better approach in your everyday life. 

Always a good thing to have a journal with you and write in your journal all kinds of problems or issues that crosses your mind during the day. Then after the days work you can sort the problems into categories and prioritizing them. You kind of cozy up with the problems, face your fears actually. You will see that some problems or issues is repeating themselves in your everyday thoughts. 

You will identify what you are actually spending time on thinking wise. These topics need a two pager of its own and a bit of investigation. Write down what you are afraid about when facing these issues. Write down worst case scenarios and try to see if it is reasonable or not to have these fears. 

On the other hand you might discover approaches and solutions to these problems that you have perhaps used on other problems before in you life. Or you realize that you can try that specific approach and see what happens. 

Problems seldom disappear by itself. It happens and then write down that milestone of yours. 

And when you see that you can handle or approach a problem and it helps you to reduce your stress, celebrate that feeling and also write that down as an accomplishment. 

It is important that you write down your journey with the problems so to speak since it will show you that you are managing and solving problems in you life. You are not just adding problem to your life. This is very important for your self esteem. To ignore warning signs caused by problems is not a wise thing to do. To practice up habits to act and solve things while they are still minor problems is a good idea instead of being blind folded and being stuck with a really huge problem that perhaps is causing more problems. 

If you have serious problems piling up in you life because you have ignored them or hoped that they will disappeared, and they haven’t – it is really time to use the Problem Scanning method to really see clear where to start and take action. Doing what can be done is a huge difference than giving up.

This approach is applicable to all areas in life, including your health, your finances, your relationships, your everyday life actually. We all have areas that we are more skilled at an other areas that we are not skilled at. Areas that is causing us literally head ache or serious stress reactions we really need to learn how to cope with in a more skilled way. 

Stop doing things the hard way draining you of energy and joy. Even minor changes in your diet, your sleeping habits, your attitude towards life and gratitude can make a huge difference and adding you the energy you need to solve your problems. Problems usually don’t go away by them selves. You need to solve them and you can become a really good problem solver instead of becoming a victim of problems. See them as challenges that you can overcome since they are in your path they are yours to challenge. Overcoming challenges will make you very strong and will prevent you from feeling victimized. 

What is worse, feeling strong because of challenges or being defeated not even trying to solve them? At least you have actually tried and you have the proof of it written down in your journal and that will give you a higher self esteem since you have faced your fears and fought your battles and for sure have solved a lot of problems in you life and found relief and a sense of victory. 

Problem Scanning is a great tool for your everyday life. 

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7 Rules to improve Your Business Week Life

  • Focus on your Revenue Generating Activities
  • Block Time to Reflect & Analyze to Identify what’s slowing you down 
  • Block Time for New Insights & add Knowledge as Inspiration to your Alert Mind
  • Say no to what’s distracting or disturbing you – schedule your work days ahead & teach your family & friends what your schedule is & auto reply ”can I call you back later” – this way you will avoid anxiety by being Present & you will Prioritize more skillfully
  • Plan leisure time ahead & be Present & share the Joy with your close ones
  • Network with likeminded people that understand your Journey & the Challenges it brings
  • Appreciate Each day, Eat & drink healthier, eat Smaller portions & Exercise every day

    This way You will train yourself both mentally & knowledge wise to do things in much Smarter ways together with Joy

Get out of Negativity & other Blocks

We do things on Autopilot, habits we have created since childhood and later in life. To break bad habits is often viewed as difficult but we love the saying that it is more difficult being stuck.

Bad habits is habits that prevent you from living the life you want to live or is limiting you in any way, so called Blocks. 

Negativity is definitely something we recommend you to get out of and we have some advise how to do that. 

One thing is to write things off you mind so to speak, to Journal. Do that every day and you will notice a difference if you do the work with it. 

Take a new Journal and open it so you have two opposite pages to write on. 

  • Write on one page what you are grateful for, whatever comes to your mind. 
  • On the opposite page write what you are disappointed about, or sad about, mad about. 

Remember that you only have one page to write on! This way you will restrict yourself thinking too much negativity and you will practice self disciplin actually. 

You will also see how much negativity versus gratefulness your current state is. This can really be an eye opener. You can put circles in different colors round words that you see you can change here and now, and things that is more important than others. 

  • Read the grateful page before you go to bed and also when you wake up in the morning. 

Have this journal with you so you can see it through out the day. 

  • Repeat this every day with new pages each day. After a couple of days you will see that your words of gratitude have increased and the words of negativity is fewer words. 

Continue with this and you may identify areas in your life that you need to change to get rid of that state of mind. This will most certainly require that you create new good habits instead of bad habits that is causing this negative feelings or state of mind. Also move ahead and make a schedule on what you put down your time on – make a Time Management Budget!

More about how to customize Your New Good Habits in our different Mindset Coaching options & more – pre-recorded & IRL 1:1

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Kick out Fear – Coaching Topic

Seriously – many are driven by Fear so we will sort out different sorts of Fear that is commonly controlling peoples life’s – how about you! 

How can anyone be driven by fear? If you make decisions or avoid circumstances in your life based on fear for what might happen you are driven by fear. To take precautions to avoid danger is something else, we don’t put ourselves through what ever just to say we are not controlled by fear if it is obviously dangerous. We all take risks in our life and avoid things based upon a risk factor we value as too high. 

But sometimes we value the risk out of proportions. This can be a personally trait that differ from person to person, but also from time to time depending on how we feel at the moment. When fear limit us in our life or prevent us from reaching our goals and dreams in life then something is not right. It can be fear of what others may think of us, it can be fear that we may not succeed so it is no point trying anyway or fear that we will lose something or someone. We build up an imagined safe zone, we have talked about this topic in another blog post, about an imagined safe zone and it is very interesting. 

To believe that everything will stay exactly the same is an illusion. And just because things change it doesn’t mean that it is for something bad. People change, times change so we have to adapt and take control over how we change, how we choose to change. So why let fear control your everyday life and your decisions? Fear can hold us back and keep us in some kind of Never Land of uncertainty robbing us from joy and fulfillment & even give tunnel sight.

Uncertainty is a part of life and it doesn’t mean it is scary. The viewpoint of uncertainty is a key aspect here and it also has to do with having control. Sometimes we dictate too much how things has to turn out. Sometimes we get surprised how things even turned out better than we even planned for or hoped for. Expectations is included in fear of failure and also in other fears. We can go on and on about this topic and we kind of do into our different coaching options we have with different depth depending on which option you choose. The 1:1 is tailor made for you. So what do you fear in your life or career? And what fear do you want to overcome in your life? 

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (otherwise known as emotional quotient or EQ) is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. 

Emotional intelligence starts with getting to know yourself, what triggers you and how you react to things that happens and more importantly how you manage yourself. It is about Self Leadership. Your self esteem plays a key role here how you choose to respond in challenging situations and how you react and view problems in life. 

How we interact with other people is involved in how we manage our own feelings. We train our children how to manage challenges from early on before they learn to walk actually. We also teach children empathy when we make sure that children is not mean to animals or other children. We help our children to solve conflicts instead of doing it all for them, this way we prepare and train our children for adulthood. We also help a child to stop making scenes at the grocery store or anywhere else since making dramatic scenes is something that one as adult should not do either. We teach social values that is to exist at ”The Social Playground” in life. 

As an adult you continue to learn while interacting in ”The Social Playground” of life, and the whole point is to improve your skills, your Emotional Intelligence. Especially in tough times, like during a Pandemic this is very useful to yourself and everyone that you interact with. 

Maturity is a similar or a more outdated expression of Emotional Intelligence but has not the same wide meaning. Maturity is more to be a role model and to be more solid and strong, standing on your own two feet. While Emotional intelligence is something that others more benefits from since there is a large part of interaction with others involved here to our opinion. 

Immature or low Emotional Intelligence tend to blame others for their feelings and decide to victimize themselves.

We are targeting both Women & Men with our different coaching options. Emotional Intelligence is about feelings, how to cope with problems and what you see as a solution to the problems, what decisions will you make when you are faced with challenges, fear or danger.  

Perhaps you are not so used to talk about feelings or worries because you think you are not allowed to because you have to be strong to be a man. That is BS. We really want to give you a good advise to talk about your feelings, you can learn how to do it. Cry is also very good, it will ease the tension and you will feel more relaxed. Worries is normal these days, the important thing is what you do about it. 

Emotional Intelligence, EQ, is very exciting. How we interact with other people involves how we manage our own feelings. It involves our values, our boundaries and is very much based on our Self Esteem how we treat other people. If you want to boost your self esteem and become better at talking about your feelings and manage your feelings there is much to choose from within our different coaching options – link in menu – Welcome! 

Problem Solving Technique

Problem solving technique – get some advise right here – We also have a more in depth strategy within our different both coaching & business education options. Check that out – links in menu or contact us for more information at 

How do you view or cope with problems? 

If you view problems as challenges it will be much easier.

If you feel it is a challenge you can turn it into a competition with yourself.

Write down problems you face and write down your worries, It is a difference, right

Sort out the clutter, write down problems on one page and worries on another page.

And you will get an overview that the problems & the worries is not the same thing

& How to view problems 

Problems is a part of life. 

To sort out the clutter is very important to see what problems can you solve now!
It’s really important. 

To prioritize your problems is not a bad idea. Because when you solve problems you will boost your self confidence enormously. It will build character and you will become stronger

Sort problems into categories, problems you can solve now or short term and problems that can be solved in the long run.

Divide the problems into what is possible and what is not possible. And what can you do to ease the pressure upon you that the problems cause. 

Problems cause stress but if we try to avoid problems is not always a solution. We all face problems because it’s a part of life. And when you deal with problems and solve them it will boost your self confidence, build character and it will make you stronger. 

Solve or handle problems, you can view problems from different perspectives. That is easier to do if you write them down and brain storm what you can do about them. 

To deal with problems is an expression. That means that you can solve problems and you can get really skilled at solving problems, you can. 

Fool yourself as Motivation

How many times have you fooled yourself?
Quite many times, right. So why not fool yourself for doing good things? 

That is a way to motivate yourself actually. 
How about getting out of a comfort zone that doesn’t really serve you anyway, on the contrary perhaps. 

That is a very common ”Self Made Trap” – an imagined safe zone.
It’s a Challenge to get out of your traps. It requires courage and it gives you self confidence, you will cultivate the skill along the way once you start.

Transform and develop into what you want to accomplish in life, your imagination is the limit. 

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Lift other people up

We can give self confidence to others but they have to do the work to keep it 🌺

We give this gift by believing in others and to support them. 

This is an important obligation as a Leader even privately but also very important if you run projects, a business and are responsible for employees. 

Lift people up and people will prosper within your care.

Accept no and do No downplaying within your territory – that ought to be outdated long time ago.

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7 things How to get in charge of your feelings

⭐ snooze people for 30 days who contribute with stress & anxiety in your life

⭐ after the 30 days decide if they are worthy of another chance to be in your life – if not block them out of your life online & IRL – don’t tell why if it only will take more energy from you – if they ask why say you need a break and have other things to put down your energy on and walk away or log out and unfriend them IRL too – don’t take calls or DM’s either – don’t get into discussions

⭐ make sure to cultivate the habit of sleeping at least 7 hours each night, preferably 8

⭐ eat healthier food, more fruits and vegetables, less sugar and unhealthy fat, drink more water and herbal tea

⭐ journal your feelings if you feel the urge to act on affect – write off those feelings into your journal – cry if you need to cry it will help you

⭐ read your journaling in the evening and identify where there is repetition of thoughts or opinions and mark them as main topics – pick three of them as main topics to dig deeper into to get to the root of these topics that rule your world and solve it or manage it strategically

⭐ in the morning read something uplifting – and create words of affirmation to yourself – words you say to yourself that you appreciate about yourself – who you are and who you want to be & be that person from now on

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How & When do you Reward yourself?

We love Chocolate and it actually makes us happy – both literally and emotionally. Chocolate contains Dopamine – our brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Press the link below and check out the amazing high quality chocolate we really recommend. 

It is an important question How & When you Reward yourself. It is crucial when it comes to reaching goals in life & is closely connected to Motivation. If you just give yourself rewards or use them as comfort you will lose the whole point of Motivation. You have to set boundaries with yourself to learn the power of Motivation. When you reach goals along the way, both short term and long term goals it is important to celebrate and reward yourself and anyone involved and your close ones too. It will give much joy and you will see that it was worth the struggle.

If you just get gifts now and then for no effort what so ever you will actually get really spoiled and not so grateful either. Set up reasonable rewards for reasonable input of effort and also make boundaries and rules round this and it will work really good as Motivation for you. Chocolate also contains Dopamine our brain’s reward and pleasure system. We are much about health and Chocolate is even included into our diet we have into our Health coaching options – link in menu.

Press the picture and reward yourself with some chocolate and set up some goals to go reach to get the chocolate!