My Story part #17 – My Hero

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Having a heart attack is like playing Russian Roulette over and over again, perhaps this is the time for you to die? 💥 Heart attacks comes back in smaller attacks that you can rest to get back from and other more severe heart attacks that you can die from. You can learn how to manage your anxiety round this and calm yourself before & during the smaller attacks💥 This says a lot 💥 How do I know?

My dad had his first heart attack when he was 45 years old, I was 12, and he fell right in front of me at the dinner table down on the floor and kept lying there. This kept going on for 17 years until he died at age 62. The smaller attacks he just wanted to sleep on the floor for a few hours and then taking things really slow. The doctor said his dog saved his life with the friendship, comfort like dogs give, they relief stress and anxiety, and the walks he took several times a day much thanks to the dog since he had to go out 🐕

After a heart attack it could be a few steps outside the porch but he made the walks longer, inch by inch, day by day and it was actually thanks to this that he survived even serious heart attacks for 17 years. The last one we knew he was going to die, he had three days to live and the machines kept him alive and the morphine kept him from feeling pain and talking about strange things when he was awake.

He was a fighter and had goals in life that kept him optimistic. My role model in life, My hero. He was my home dad when I came home from school, and we made hot chocolate and ate sandwiches and he told me much that still helps me in life today and for ever.Who is your role model & hero in your life? How do they inspire you to keep going despite struggle and ups & downs that is included in life? 🔑Check out links in menu how Regina can help you to never give up & gain energy 💥 Welcome!